pirmadienis, birželio 30

Nulis gramų salerkos: Nida - Juodkrantė per 1,5 val.

Toliau brangstant degalams imamės naujų ekologiškų transporto priemonių.
Vakar į džiazus 30 km lėkiau per 1,5 val. nesudegindamas nė vieno gramo salerkos. Skrendant pajūriu virš 30 km/h prie 6-7 m/s SW vėjo tikrai susimąstai - kurių galų tie varikliai ir statoil'ai??

Safe fuel, sail to Klaipėda jazz festival!

Burės: 5,5 kv.m.
Laikas: 1,5 val.
Max greitis: 36,9 km/h
Atstumas: 26,7 km

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Nidos aerodromo bakštagai

Po Rasų šventės pūstelėjęs 12-16 m/s vakarų krypties vėjukas antradienį suteikė daug malonumo Blokart buriuotojams Nidos aerodrome. Buriuojant bakštagais išilgai pakilimo tako pasiektas greičio maksimumas 44,9 km/h yra didžiausias užfiksuotas buriuojant Nidos aerodrome.

Burės: 3.0 kv.m.
Laikas: 2,0 val.
Max greitis: 44,9 km/h
Atstumas: 52,3 km

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Registracija į Pasaulio Blokart čempionatą

Registracija į pirmąjį Pasaulio Blokart čempionatą, kuris vyks N. Zelandijoje, tęsiasi. Jau yra užsiregistravę 56 dalyviai, 94 vietos laisvos.
Daugiau informacijos organizatorių puslapyje: http://www.blokart.com/events/worlds/blokart_open_info.php

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Kvietimas į N. Zelandiją

Hi Everyone,

There are only 108 days until the BIG event!

As you should already know, the inaugural World blokart Championships are being held at the home of blokart, blokart Heaven Papamoa, New Zealand!

Entries are limited to the first 150 paid up competitors, so if you are keen pre-register and then get your Entry Form away as soon as possible (93 have already pre-registered with 37 of these have secured their position by returning their entry form and payment).

If you haven't received a copy of the Entry Form, lost or missed placed it:), you can now download one at http://www.blokart.com/events/worlds/blokart_open_info.php. I encourage you to email the link to anyone you know with a blokart (or has talked about getting one). You can check out who has registered on the "competitors" tab.

This is going to be a fantastic six days and nights of world-class racing and off-track fun. Join competitors from around the globe and enjoy food and drinks at the welcome bbq on Sunday afternoon and the fully catered, off-site celebration function on the Friday night provided in their entry fee, and a get an event t-shirt. Register and go in the draw to win a 2008 Sport 4.0 and very impressive spot prizes. Get your entry in before 1 August and also go in the draw for some fantastic blokart performance products! And if you are a First-place-getters you will walk away with a custom POD, as well as the title of WORLD CHAMPION and the trophy to prove it.

An enlarged dialup area and additional track will make for exciting racing for everyone, and a real showcase for close-curcuit blokart racing.

Seize the opportunity to be part of the inaugural WORLD BLOKART CHAMPIONSHIPS. Don’t wish you had:)!

It is going to be the biggest blokart event on the planet!

We would love to see you there,

Peter Ronalds

Event Coordinator